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Books that I may refer to in my blog:

No 1: Food and Cooking in Roman Britain : History and Recipes : Jane Renfrew : Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England : 1985

This was the first Roman cookbook I acquired. I purchased it at Lullingstone Roman Villa after spending a long time talking to a lady doing Romano-British reenactment. She gave me a sample of her liquamen, which was amazing, but not entirely accurate I think.


Food, Cookery and Dining in Ancient Times : Dover : New York : 2004

Is a re-title by Dover Publications of Alexis Soyer’s ‘Pantropheon’, which was originally published in 1853. It is well researched, though I still have concerns about some of the conclusions.

Flower, B. & Rosenbaum E : Apicius – The Roman Cookery Book : Harrap : London : 1958

Thankfully has Apicius’s original Latin text, otherwise the book is very much of its period and generally incorrectly translated.

Grant, M. : Roman Cookery; Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens : Serif : London : 2008

As it states – rendered for the modern kitchen, but sill useful.

Dalby, A & Grainger, S : The Classical Cookbook : The British Museum Press : London : 2012

Haven’t yet been able to examine this book in detail

Croom, A. : Running the Roman Home : The History Press : Stroud : 2011

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